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Siret n°817 986 672 00019

N° MDA : J328584

Sociétaire de la Fondation Taylor n°19.863

Sociétaire de la Société du Salon d'Automne


Why articulating my approach throughout Black?


The BLACK actually conveys a symbolism but also a bunch of oppositions.


Scientifically, BLACK refers to black holes and nil.


In optics, BLACK absorbs all wavelengths and is therefore characterized by its apparent absence of color, unlike white which is obtained by returning all the wavelengths, absorbing them equally.


In Western countries, BLACK is associated with mourning, sadness & despair, fear and death. Represented by priests and nuns dresses, it also echoes authority, austerity and rigor. You need to remember that BLACK is originally the symbol of fertility, the color of the fertility goddesses and black virgins.


BLACK can quickly echo void and sadness but still, mean positivity as it does represent elegance, nobility, simplicity, sobriety, rigor, but also stability and mystery.


In Japan, for example, black is at the opposite, a joyful color worn for weddings.


BLACK, besides being the color of Capricorn, my astrological sign, is a heavy, dry color that excludes illusion. BLACK absorbs all other colors and brings them back to reality when looking.


When I use BLACK, I fear less, I suffer less, I stabilize and I protect myself.


BLACK is a trigger. It is the center of earth where world is regenerated. Often symbol of darkness and impurity, it becomes stillness and primordial virginity.


BLACK evokes the promise of a renewed life.


BLACK triggers depth, contemplation, thought and introspection.


It denotes a tacit acceptance of profound feelings, a sense of end, a kind of inner reserve where I enjoy wandering in peace.


This inner transformation allows my feelings to be revealed and become real.


Combined with another color, BLACK promotes it, it accentuates it, reaching as such, an astonishing psychic scale. This combination resonates tremendously for me by simultaneously challenging me when I see the light effects on relief.

A propos

Born January 2, 1972 in a medium size town of East France (Metz), Christophe JACQUEMOT felt rapidly the need, to invent his own childhood universe where he could take refuge by expressing his artistic fiber, sometimes in natural materials, sometimes in mineral ones.


During the preparation of his Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Visual Arts, he explored a relief based approach, or intrados and any other forms of pictorial expression, by experimenting various artistic techniques.


Then he moved away partially from his passion without forgetting it completely. For more than twenty years, he then expressed his talent through different work positions in the Event and Decoration industres. He met and worked with the greatest architects. He also developed hence his experience in assessing volumes, spaces, or fluidity of shapes & light.


Influenced by the artworks he was contemplating, he then decided to trigger his definite quest for matter and light.


He left his small apartment in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, and moved to a house in the close by Paris country side. He created here his own artist studio where he painted his first artworks.


In 2015, noticed by a contemporary art lover, he exhibited in a luxurious Saint-Germain des Prés gallery. A black and white box that will allow him to showcase his first works. This exhibition is titled:


"And why would not the black be a color? "


Success is immediate ...


He then started to think deeply about the fascinating role of this color (or non-color) through the light emerging from his works, the created reliefs and sculpts in an organic mortar on canvas. This specific technique made him unique and constituted his identity as artistic painter.


He works this material only in black. Furrowed by his emotions, the carvings, streaks and effects create a kind of imaginary fabric where the light rushes, in a color chart using different black nuances.


Thus, he dedicated his energy to create a never static artwork depending of the light or the place it is exposed.


His philosophy of life being driven by a "Carpe Diem" approach, Christophe wants more than ever to enjoy the deep beauty of the Black and considers it with a geometric aspect. When asked the question:


Why black?


He see it through the prism of a rainbow, by separating its "dark" side from light.


Christophe exhibited in galleries from various places such as Paris, Barbizon or Metz, including many French and international exhibitions as well.



Christophe JACQUEMOT received several awards including:



- Gold medal for category "mixed acrylic technique" at the International Salon of "Creators of the century" 2016 in Vittel,


- Gold medal for category "mixed acrylic technique" at the International Salon of "Creators of the century" 2017 in Lyon,


- the Public Recognition  for the Painting category at the 38th Art Expo in Ballancourt-sur-Essonne in 2017.

Christophe JACQUEMOT is a member of the Taylor Foundation